Top 5 Trending Bathroom Designs for 2017

Style isn’t eternal. Interior design evolves with new trends. If you’re considering an update to your bathroom soon, here are 5 of the top trends for bathroom design in Alpharetta for 2017:

Intimate Spaces

After years of ever larger, more luxurious bathrooms, the trend is moving in the opposite direction toward smaller, private spaces. New bathrooms take a minimalist approach with a restrained, intimate feel, yet retain comfort, style, and functionality.

Petite sinks and toilets take advantage of downsized spaces, as do open-door showers. Also popular with bathroom designers in Alpharetta this year are freestanding bathtubs, particularly claw foot tubs with soft curves that add a feel of opulence and a touch of romance.

Innovative Use of Timeless Materials

Organic, natural materials are being used in new combinations that convey an elegant coziness that is both classy and modern. The juxtaposition of wood and stone to synthetics, used creatively, creates stylish, simple, and easy to maintain designs. In fixtures, flashy silver or gold are out. Oxidized brass is in.

Matte Colors

The high gloss that characterized interiors in the last decade will be replaced with matte colors that complement the growing use of organic materials. Gray, navy blue, and dark green are expected to be popular, combined with natural, neutral colors. 

Patterned Tiles

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom can be a challenge. You may wonder whether to play it safe or take a risk in your design. Advice for 2017 is to go bold with patterned tiles and shaped tiles like hexagons and triangles. Geometrical shapes offer endless combinations. They’re effective on floors and walls, and they can create style and design with limited effort.

Unique Lighting

Design trends in vogue in 2017 include Midcentury Modern design. With its clean lines, minimalist shapes, and timeless quality, it’s set to be an in-demand style in lighting, as is soft gold (in the middle of brushed silver and brushed gold) with a matte finish. Leading-edge, energy-saving LED lighting is included in the minimalist trend, along with retro looking vintage Edison-style bulbs.

Interior design impacts the human experience. Organic materials, patterned tiles, and unique lighting in small, intimate spaces are this year’s trends in bathroom designs in Alpharetta.

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