Kitchen Remodel – Check Out These Must-Have Features

Is your current kitchen dark, awkward, and unwelcoming? Are you frustrated every time you go to prepare a meal because you don’t have room to work and you can’t find what you need? It sounds like a kitchen remodel is in your future. Great kitchens are critical to great homes and homes with great kitchens have better resale value, so remodeling your kitchen will be valuable to you on a variety of fronts. Here is a sample of the features you must have in your new kitchen design:

An Island

The best kitchens have islands. You have many design options when planning your island. Our favorite islands look like pieces of furniture, either a gorgeous cabinet or an elegant table. If you choose a cabinet, your island can include a sink and a cook top. Table-style islands are more for prep and seating. Every island design will include a countertop. Granite continues to be a favorite, but you can also incorporate other materials, like wood, metal, or concrete, depending on what you like. An island in your kitchen will be a welcome addition.

Quality Appliances

Appliances are the workhorses in your kitchen and quality really matters. Nothing ruins a great meal faster than a bad oven. That said, don’t buy more than you need. If you are really and truly not a cook, don’t spend large quantities of money on luxury appliances. Invest in quality pieces that will do what you need them to do. Stainless continues to be the preferred style in appliances, and black stainless is all the rage this year. The traditional stainless surface can be a challenge to keep looking good, so black is a helpful alternative.

Plentiful, Practical Storage

Kitchens have lots of stuff and a great kitchen provides places to keep all the stuff. Stay away from deep cupboards with shelves, as they are useless for significant storage. Opt instead for drawers or pull-out shelving. These choices allow you easy access to items stored within. Corners are notorious for being difficult to use, so install lazy susans or even drawers to make those spaces more useful. Include dividers in your drawers to help you sort items and make them easy to find. The cluttered look is out and clean, empty countertops are in, so plan accordingly. Appliance garages keep mixers and toasters out of sight. Knife drawers keep the knife block off the counter. Include a pantry in your design. Not only does your kitchen need to store stuff, but it needs to store food.

With its new island, quality appliances, and plentiful storage, your new kitchen will become the place everyone in your family wants to be. Don’t suffer another day with a miserable kitchen; remodel today.

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