How to Prepare for Your Interior Design Consultation

Before you head out to meet with interior designers, it’s important to prepare for a moment. During the consultation, they’re going to ask you questions about the design that you want. Are you ready? Are you prepared? Here are 4 steps to help you get ready.

Gather Ideas

Start by gathering ideas. Look through magazines or websites to determine what you like. You may want to create a scrapbook to help you keep all of the images together. You could even keep a Pinterest board to show the designer. After collecting ideas, there may be trends that become apparent. You may notice color schemes, looks, or other things that stand out to you. This information can be very helpful to your designer as he or she puts the ideas into a workable design for you.

Photograph Existing Furniture

Are there certain items of furniture that you would like included in the design? If so, it would be helpful to bring along a photograph of the furniture. The picture will give your designer a good idea of colors or materials that will match the existing furniture. Of course, based on your needs, you may need to make the choice to use the furniture in a different room.

Consider Goals

Why are you using a designer? What do you hope to achieve by changing up the room? Maybe there is something about the design that doesn’t work for your family. Maybe there is something that you really like, but you would like to see it used throughout the whole room better. Consider reasons why is your current design falls short. As you think about your vision for the room, you’ll be able to provide the designer with details that are the most important for you.

Determine Your Budget

Think about your budget. If you have a specified budget, you should be prepared to discuss it with the designer. That will help the designer determine what you can afford. Based on the budget, there may be areas that you should prioritize for the design. Think about what your priorities would be for the design based on your budget.

Before meeting with interior designers, it’s wise to do your own research. Sure, the designer will help you determine how to move forward, but it’s important to provide the designer with information to help him or her determine the direction to take. Taking these steps will help the consultation will be productive, and you’ll be able to work together to create the perfect design you’ll love.

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