Effective Kitchen Remodeling Designs

Nothing has more impact on creating a strikingly beautiful room than the proper use of color. Kitchen designers are no exception in their use of color to accentuate not just the walls, but also cabinets, countertops, and even the color of appliances. With that in mind, and considering the variety of kitchen remodel designs in Alpharetta that are available at kitchen design companies here, any homeowner should be familiar with how color can be employed to turn an ordinary kitchen into a spectacular kitchen. The first decision that you have to make, however, is to pick out a pair of simple complementing dominant colors that you will want for your kitchen and then select a third color—the accent color—which will bring together the entire room and give it some character. Here are just a couple of ideas.


The first rule of thumb in any kitchen is to always choose your countertop first because this is more than likely going to be the most expensive item in your kitchen. In addition, countertops can have a variety of shades and patterns, which will make it quite difficult to match any existing flooring and cabinetry. Once you’ve selected a countertop, it’s far easier to then coordinate the colors, stains, and even hardware for your floor, walls, and cabinets. Remember, too, that your countertop is the signature item in your kitchen that will stand out above all else, especially if you have a large island. Once you’ve selected your countertop, you can match either the dominant color or one of the secondary countertop colors with the floor or the cabinets. However, either the floor or the cabinets should provide some contrast.


There is far more flexibility when it comes to cabinetry colors. A popular finish has always been a natural hue, which is simply a clear finish that brings out the wood’s inherent color. However, you can always paint your cabinets to match one of the colors in your countertop. In fact, when you’re tired of one dominant or secondary countertop color, you can repaint your cabinetry to match a different hue. Also, if you have more of an open kitchen layout, then the surrounding room colors will also be part of your palette. Remember to choose your colors wisely since your cabinetry is what ends up being in your face because it’s at eye level for most people. If your kitchen is on the small size, then seek out light-colored cabinetry that will create an open and bright space.

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