Check This Out! A List of Unique Bathroom Ideas

There are 2 areas in any home that provide the most value when they are redone: kitchens and bathrooms. When a home goes up for sale, a remodel in one of these areas guarantees more interest and even a higher home sale price. Because bathrooms are such heavy-traffic areas of the house, getting some new appliances and a unique bathroom design will also give your family a great place to get ready for the day. If you want to do something unique and interesting with your bathroom design, look no further. Here we give you a few ways that you can make your bathroom different.

Unique Storage Space

Every bathroom needs a shelf and medicine cabinet or cupboard space. Bathrooms need to keep showering and tooth-brushing products, as well as towels and cleaning supplies. There are lots of unique designs for medicine cabinets in the remodeling sphere. You can take any shelving unit and paint it to make it your own. Try experimenting with crackle paint and other effects to make the unit look older and distinguished.

You don’t need to put a medicine cabinet directly in front of your sink. You can get a large framed mirror for above your sink and counter, which will open up the wall and give an artistic feel to the space. Framed mirrors come in a variety of styles. You can get ones that are old and ornate, and easily paint or stain them to match with your bathroom vanity and appliances.

Tub or Shower?

When it comes to the tub or shower question, unique designs incorporate refinished claw foot tubs or a constructed tiled wall to make for a custom showering area. Think about the area where your bathroom is located in your house and whether it will be more advantageous to have a bath or shower. Look at tile samples or tubs that can bring some personality into the room.

Wall Decorations

Wood paneling, decorative tile, or stencils are all used in custom bathroom design. You don’t want to fall back on the old standard paint and tile. Bringing small tiles to the backsplash of the bathroom counter or creating a mosaic can illuminate the space with color and pattern. In terms of wall paneling, make sure that it is well-sealed and otherwise moisture resistant to keep it feasible in the long run.

With these ideas for types of bathroom design, you can be sure that your bathroom will not only add value to your home in the future but will also be a room with a distinct personality and ambiance in the present.

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