Best Interior Design Styles and Color Scheme for Your Home

If you just bought a new home or are looking to remodel an old one, you may be looking around for some thematic ideas. Your house should be a reflection of your personality, and it should be a safe haven for you at the end of a hard day’s work. If you’re researching interior design in Alpharetta, you should try to find a style that is not just functional but also gives you a place to relax. Here we have some common styles for you to look into, depending on your personal design tastes. Continue reading

How to Remodel Your Kitchen

Happy embracing couple planning their home kitchen furnishing.The kitchen is the center of many Alpharetta homes. Food, homework, projects, cooking, and gathering all happen for hours every day in the kitchen. If your kitchen is a little lacking in the style and functionality department, then now is the perfect time to give your kitchen a face-lift. At The Works, we can help you understand the remodeling process and also give you some great custom kitchen designs.  Continue reading

Interior and Decorating Tips for Your Home

Your home is a reflection of yourself. Therefore, many people try to make their homes as beautiful as they can to show the value and love they have for their home. There are many different opinions about what is the best way to spruce up a home’s interior, but here are just a few of the best tips from our experience in interior design. Continue reading

How Interior Designing Can Benefit You

Hiring an interior designer can make your life easier. Being the one to make all of the big decisions in your home can turn out to be overwhelming. They aren’t just any decisions. They are the decisions that set the mood for your home as well as the theme. In the beginning, it can be difficult trying to envision what your entire house might look like or what you have in mind. Our company does a great job at helping you see the big picture so you get everything you want and more. Continue reading

Check This Out! A List of Unique Bathroom Ideas

There are 2 areas in any home that provide the most value when they are redone: kitchens and bathrooms. When a home goes up for sale, a remodel in one of these areas guarantees more interest and even a higher home sale price. Because bathrooms are such heavy-traffic areas of the house, getting some new appliances and a unique bathroom design will also give your family a great place to get ready for the day. If you want to do something unique and interesting with your bathroom design, look no further. Here we give you a few ways that you can make your bathroom different. Continue reading

Kitchen Remodel – Check Out These Must-Have Features

Is your current kitchen dark, awkward, and unwelcoming? Are you frustrated every time you go to prepare a meal because you don’t have room to work and you can’t find what you need? It sounds like a kitchen remodel is in your future. Great kitchens are critical to great homes and homes with great kitchens have better resale value, so remodeling your kitchen will be valuable to you on a variety of fronts. Here is a sample of the features you must have in your new kitchen design: Continue reading

Great Design Tips When Your Kitchen Needs a Makeover

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where the food is prepared and where the family gathers to enjoy meals. This is the crossroads of the home where people come and go between the different appointments and responsibilities of the day. This means that this area of your home should be a place where people want to be. If your home could use some kitchen remodel designs, then the following list of design tips can be helpful.

Opt for an Open Design

The best design option for your kitchen remodel will be an open plan. When you can open up the space, this amazing thing will happen where you add square footage to the home without making your home larger at all. When the space is open, it will feel bigger and more inviting. Think about the current layout, and see if there is a way to rearrange things that will create a more open feel. Continue reading

Characteristics to Look For When Choosing a Kitchen Designer

Many real estate experts are saying that the most important thing people look at when looking for a new home is the kitchen. This is because the kitchen design in a home shapes the focal point of the house. This is where the food is prepared, the meals are eaten, and the important conversations and bonding moments happen. If you are hoping to tackle a project of this nature, then you need to have the right partner by choosing the best designer. The following is a list of good attributes to look for in a great kitchen designer.


One of the most important things you and your designer will need when handling a kitchen design project is creativity. You want someone who can look at your available space and see all of the opportunities that are there.

Good Reputation

The best designers will come with a long string of happy clients. Look for someone who has been able to create a good reputation. This will tell you that they were honest, fun to work with, and able to turn out a really great product.

Portfolio Style

When you get the chance to look through the portfolio of a good designer, you need to be on the lookout for styles and projects that mimic what you are trying to achieve with your upgrade. The best designer in one style may not be able to give you what you want if their style does not mesh with yours. Pay careful attention to this as you look through who is available.

Budget Friendly

When you set a budget for a project of this nature, you really need that figure to be respected. Going too far above it can cause financial frustration. Of course, there are always surprises that come along with construction projects, but a good designer will be able to anticipate many of these issues, and will set aside some slush in the money you are providing to handle these potential issues. You do not want to work with someone who tends to forget that you are the one paying for the work that is done.


The designer and the crew that you hire should always be cognizant of whose house they are in. A good designer will always be kind to the members of your family, and will try to respect your personal space as much as possible.


A designer that is always prompt and on time will be a designer that also makes sure to keep the other promises they make to you. Watch for someone who is always on time to your meetings, or at least makes every effort to let you know when they will not be on time.