Best Interior Design Styles and Color Scheme for Your Home

If you just bought a new home or are looking to remodel an old one, you may be looking around for some thematic ideas. Your house should be a reflection of your personality, and it should be a safe haven for you at the end of a hard day’s work. If you’re researching interior design in Alpharetta, you should try to find a style that is not just functional but also gives you a place to relax. Here we have some common styles for you to look into, depending on your personal design tastes.


If you don’t like a lot of clutter or distractions and just want some breathing room, this may be the style for you. Modern interiors feature a lot of wide-open spaces with some curves and other shapes in the furniture and art to provide some visual interest. Usually surfaces are fairly smooth and colors are muted, using a lot of whites and grays, except for one or two bright pieces in a room to give it some pop.


If you’re more about coziness, consider a rustic design for your interior. The complete opposite of a modern look, a rustic design typically features dark, rich colors like reds and browns. There is a lot more texture, too, incorporating rough stone, grainy wood, plush fabrics, and anything else to stimulate the sense of touch. If possible, you should try to let as much natural light in as possible to soften the space.


If you are easily bored and need your room to really interest you, consider an eclectic interior design style, which has a little more going on than the average room. Eclectic means that you have a mixture of styles, but it does not mean that you should just throw anything and everything together. You should still have a color scheme of some kind, mostly with neutral colors and a few more noticeable ones. Mix and match a few elements, like shapes, colors, and materials, but keep the number of elements limited.


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