5 Wallet-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The tools of a kitchen upgrade.Did you know that you can have that dream kitchen you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank or taking out a second mortgage? With a few creative tips from remodeling experts at The Works, you can have custom kitchen remodel designs in Alpharetta.

Paint it!

Probably one of the easiest upgrades you can do for your kitchen is to paint it. A new splash of color opens the door on new decorating schemes and design possibilities. You can even add a coat of fresh color to tired kitchen cabinetry and countertops.

Stipe it!

Stripes are a great way to create a sense of space. Horizontal stripes in a small room will make the room appear longer than it really it while vertical stripes make the ceilings appear higher. For a subtler look, alternate stripes of matte and glossy finishes using the same paint color.

Save it!

Check out local thrift stores, swap meets, and online classifieds for great deals. Most of the time, you can find great treasures and decorative pieces that just need a fresh coat of paint or some varnish and elbow grease to bring them back to life. You’d be surprised what you might find like piles of shiplap, iron wrought drawer handles, and even unused tile leftover from someone else’s remodeling project. Give a used piece of furniture a second chance, and save it from the dumpster.

Shop it!

Be on the lookout for local deals like going-out-of-business and moving sales. Sometimes when a distribution center or showroom closes its doors, they will try to liquidate their remaining inventory and even floor models for a fraction of the actual cost. The same is true when a company gets new merchandise and phases out old products. Patience is a virtue when it comes to waiting for that unbeatable deal on new cabinets or countertops.

DIY it!

If you feel confident around a hammer and a paint brush, try your hand at some basic remodeling projects. Installing baseboards, chair rails, and light fixtures are fairly easy–even for someone who isn’t construction savvy. If you hire a contractor for a big project like rewiring electrical outlets or installing new plumbing, tell them you will handle the cosmetics if they give you a break on the price.

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